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Online data workshop: financials, stock, index & ESG/CSR data - Eikon/Datastream, Compustat/WRDS, Orbis (NSM)

Online data workshop: financials, stock, index & ESG/CSR data - Eikon/Datastream, Compustat/WRDS, Orbis (NSM)

This workshop is intended for students Economics and Business Administration working with CSR/ESG data, financials, financial ratios and/or stock/index returns for their BA or MA thesis - and to give the process of data-retrieval in Eikon, Compustat and/or Orbis a kick start.


Send information about your research topic, e.g. the desired dataset, variables and timeframe, to at least 24 hours before the workshop.

If you have other topics you would like to address or have further questions do not hesitate to communicate this beforehand!


If you need to use Eikon during the workshop, please inform us beforehand! 

You can install the software in the first part of the workshop. After the workshop you can make use of Eikon for a few hours if necessary.  For MacBook-users: notify us that you have a MacBook, the procedure will be different (max 1 Mac user per workshop).


Location & duration

The workshop will take place in a remote session. Participants receive a Zoom invitation beforehand.

Duration: 2 hours.

There is room for 3 attendants per workshop.

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Friday, June 11, 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm
Nijmegen School of Management
  Nijmegen School of Management  
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Contents workshop

When you need company financials, financial ratios and/or stock or index data, you can use Eikon, Compustat or Orbis. Here you'll find a great number of such variables for companies listed on stock exchanges worldwide. CSR/ESG data is only available in Eikon/ Datastream (detailed board data is available in BoardEx as well; cf. the BoardEx workshops).


The support sessions on Orbis, financials & equities and CSR/ESG & board data (see for the slides: offered an overview of the basics. In this follow-up workshop you can actually start working with the databases for your own topic. This is a great opportunity to learn to work with Eikon / Compustat / Orbis. A data librarian of the NSM Library Team will be present to assist you.


The needs of the participants determine what is treated in the workshop, such as

  • creating a sample of firms based on certain criteria (e.g. constituents of an index, all (listed) firms in multiple countries or in certain industries);
  • efficiently working with company lists in Eikon or Compustat
  • efficiently use advanced filter options for Orbis, e.g. on ownership or multinational firms;
  • finding the variables you need (financials, ratio's, stock data) and retrieving them efficiently for the companies in your sample;
  • finding ESG/CSR variables and retrieving them efficiently for the companies in your sample with;
  • discriminating between companies by industry;
  • changing/adding currencies, finding exchange rates etc.;
  • finding related variables (e.g. GPD, benchmarks);
  • combining datasets from different databases in Excel or Stata;
  • creating a panel dataset in Stata;
  • linking your dataset with lists to the Eikon Screener (desktop version) to obtain additional variables (e.g. auditor firms, credit ratings)


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