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ATLAS.ti 23 for Windows - Basic workshop

ATLAS.ti 23 for Windows - Basic workshop

This is an introduction workshop to ATLAS.ti version 23 for windows. Atlas.ti is a software for qualitative data analysis.


1) Install ATLAS.ti on your device. You can install ATLAS.ti by following the manual of the ICT: Activeren Atlas.ti - ICT Servicecentrum (intranet) (, and creating an account in the ATLAS.ti portal using your Radboud e-mail address. If you have problems with the installation contact

2) Download a sample project of ATLAS.ti 'Children & Hapinness', see


During the workshop:

In this workshop you will learn:

the basic functions of ATLAS.ti software, version 23 to upload and organise your documents navigation and how to use the document, code and quotation managers segmentation and coding how to create basic output by creating reports other functions: comments, memos, networks

Not included in the instruction: collaboration and methodological approach.

If only Dutch speaking people are attending, the workshop will be in Dutch

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
9:30am - 11:00am
HG00.218a Library of Science
Library of Science
  Humanities     Law Library     Library of Science     Medical Library     Nijmegen School of Management     UBN - Social Sciences  
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Jeroen Dalstra

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Marlijn Vliegenberg

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