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Efficiently searching for literature reviews (on campus, E15.41)

A hands-on workshop about search techniques and search strategies for literature reviews. This means you will start searching for literature for your own research project. During the workshop we will discuss your search process and the requirements for a good search strategy. We will help you to search more efficiently for academic literature in academic databases like Web of Science. We will also pay attention on how to find grey literature. After the meeting, you will know how to use different search techniques and basic search strategies.

Who can participate?

How can you prepare for the workshop?

Try to find literature about your research topic. Record your search activities including search terms, search operators, filters and databases used, and publications found.

  • Write down your question and identify the key concepts. Formulate search terms for each key concept.
  • Search in academic databases. If you are using Google Scholar, please, use an academic database like Web of Science, too.
  • Trace your search. Record your search query (combination of search terms), the databases, and search filters you have used. Note the number of results. Adapt your search query if necessary. If you like, you could have a look at the checklist for Reporting Literature Searches in Systematic Reviews. This will give you an impression on how to report searches.
  • Try to select two publications which are relevant for your topic.

During the meeting, we will discuss your experiences and relate them to efficient search techniques and strategies.

Time and date: 11am till 1 pm, Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Location: E15.41 (Eramus building)

Speaker: Norma Fötsch, Marieke van der Eerden en Rebecca Calcott


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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
11:00am - 1:00pm
Nijmegen School of Management
  Nijmegen School of Management  
  Literature search     Literature search  
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Marieke van der Eerden

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Rebecca Calcott

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Norma Fötsch

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