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Introduction to Data Anonymisation

Introduction to Data Anonymisation

How to begin the anonymisation process in your research project? This question is central to this workshop. In 120 minutes the RDM Support Team will introduce you to the anonymisation process for research data. The workshop starts with a look at anonymisation in the broader chain of security strategies, which also includes data minimisation, informed consent and access levels. Here you will learn why anonymisation is not the only tool at your disposal, but one of many.

The workshop will also guide you through some anonymisation theory, teaching you about the questions you can ask yourself when you are planning your anonymisation strategy. This encourages you to think about what could best work in your field or with your research design.

Lastly, the workshop will introduce some of the simpler and more accessible anonymisation techniques that can be applied to quantitative and qualitative data. While not offering detailed instructions for these techniques, this overview will give you a starting point from which you can begin to reduce the identifiability of your own research data.

Thursday, May 30, 2024
10:00am - 12:00pm
1.05B Central Library Instruction Room
Central Library
  Humanities     Law Library     Library of Science     Nijmegen School of Management     UBN - Social Sciences  
  Research Data Management  

Registration is required. There are 19 seats available.

Content: During this workshop we will address topics such as:

  • Why and when should you consider anonymisation?
  • How does anonymisation fit in the overall security strategy of your research project?
  • What is the level of anonymity that you should strive for?
  • How to start planning your anonymisation strategy?
  • What are the steps you can take to make anonymisation easier?
  • Which steps and techniques can reduce the identifiability of research data?

Learning goals: After completion of the workshop you will:

  • Have basic theoretical understanding of what anonymisation entails under the GDPR.
  • Be aware of the more common anonymisation techniques that are used for research data.
  • Know how you can reduce the identifiability in your own research project.

Topics: Anonymisation, personal data, identifiers, security strategies

Format: Lecture with occasional group discussion.

Prerequisite knowledge: The course does not require prerequisite knowledge, but the Radboud RDM course on Personal Data in Research (also offered on LibCal) can be a helpful introduction to the GDPR and its key terms.

For whom: Researchers at any stage of their research, who are either working with identifiable personal data or planning to anonymise the identifiable data in their research project.

Duration: 1 session of 120 minutes, with a short break.

Contact information: or 0243612863


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